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Carpets and Rugs

Carpets, rugs and carpet tiles add colour and style.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets require frequent cleaning, no matter how often ...

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets, rugs and carpet tiles add colour and style: bringing life to a dull room in any home or office. This flooring is still the most popular method, although other types of flooring are readily available. Carpets and rugs can be a practical choice for commercial and domestic properties and are available in our luxurious showroom.

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Carpets Value

Unlike other types of flooring, carpet is priced on the weight per square meter. The pile will determine how much your carpet and rugs are going to cost. The more pile per square meter, the dearer it tends to be.

Quality carpets in Melbourne stores are not always at a low price. Our qualified team can help you find the best flooring for your lifestyle and budget. Our products are also priced on the tufts per square meter which can be confusing for potential buyers. Our staff will carefully go through each carpet option to ensure you obtain value for money. We'll teach you the 5-step carpet test so you can purchase the most durable and functional carpets Melbourne has to offer.

Only you will truly know which flooring is best for your space, but we would like you to have products that suit your environment. By taking our helpful advice, you will be equipped to choose flooring suited to your house, weather, traffic and cleaning habits.

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Wear and Tear

When choosing from the wide selection of carpets in Melbourne stores, consider the durability. Considerations like traffic, cleaning habits and carpet materials will all matter when it comes to the products lifecycle.

Wool carpets have been designed to withstand daily use and will last years before wear and tear. Although the woollen option is more durable, nylon carpets are commonly used and this option will usually wear harder. The lifecycle will depend on the firmness and how often the flooring is used. However, before making a quick decision, talk to our expert team to obtain the most durable carpets Melbourne has to offer.

Cleaning Methods

Carpets require frequent cleaning, no matter how often you use the space. New items from our store need to be carefully cleaned. Both wool and nylon carpets are generally easy to clean and will stay in prime condition if vacuumed regularly

Woollen options are naturally stain resistant, whereas nylon options require stain protection application. In most cases, stain protection is implemented during the manufacturing process, saving you the hassle after purchase.

We offer the most durable carpets in Melbourne and will supply cleaning charts and products to remove stains if they occur. Our qualified staff can also explain the differences in threads and shading. Some carpets in Melbourne stores are prone to marking and shading. We'll advise you of the best carpet for your home or office and explain carpet types and cleaning methods.

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