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Quality Carpets in Melbourne

Efergy is your one stop shop for the most durable carpets Melbourne has on offer. Durability, colour, texture and price all matters when it comes to choosing the most suitable flooring in Melbourne stores. We understand the importance flooring has in your home or office which is why we offer a wide range of colours, materials and styles.

Our company has the most durable ,timber flooring and carpets in Melbourne; the huge range all located in the one showroom. Take a walk through our lavish showroom and see why our flooring is true value for money.

Our team of qualified flooring experts, provide professional advice, quality products and timely delivery. Before investing in flooring from Melbourne stores, ensure you talk to the professionals and opt for flooring that is suited to your space, application and budget.

For the most durable carpets Melbourne has to offer.

Durable Flooring Options

At Efergy, we have a wide range of good quality carpets in diverse styles, colors and patterns in all our Melbourne stores. Our customers can choose from a number of different options in our showroom and pick the one that suits them best. Our flooring is of a luxurious quality and can match any surrounding and environment.

Various Types

At Efergy, you will get access to a variety to plush, textured, twist and loop style carpets as well as some basic selections. If you are looking for a more luxurious appearance, you should opt for plush carpets that will lend a more formal and entertaining environment. We also have a number of textured options that have high abrasion and stain resistance, are comfortable and easy to maintain so that you will not have much of a hassle.

We also offer variety of carpets in different colours and fibers as well as several textures and layers so that you can create the right ambiance and mood for your home.

Wool Options

Originally, man-made wool carpets were the most popular in the marketplace. Though still around today, wool is more expensive than nylon varieties and tend to have a limited lifetime. We stock a number of woollen based carpets, adhering to traditional materials. Choose from differing colours, shapes and sizes in our stylish showroom.

Nylon Options

If you are looking for good quality nylon carpets, we can provide you with this option. Most of our carpets are made from a blend of nylon and wood to improve the manufacture. But you can also pick our single nylon carpets that are durable and also have guarantees on stains. Check out our wide range of nylon carpets that are in stock.

Polypropylene Options

Polypropylene, also known as olefin, is a carpet fibre that is used in many Berber carpets for commercial purposes as it looks like wool. Its quick-drying and water-resistant properties make it a good option for outdoor rugs or basements. It is a bit cheaper than not as durable as other synthetic fibres, and it can be challenging to clean and maintain the carpets made of this fibre.

Polyester Option

Polyester carpet fibre has a demand in the market for its high lustre and softness. In comparison to nylon fibre, the high lustre of polyester make it more vibrant and give it a rich colour. This types of fibre are also stain resistant and a relatively eco-friendly option. We can easily recycle it and make new from the recycled polyester. Although it is not as durable as nylon fibre, the type is more budget friendly.

Triexta Option

Triexta is a new type of carpet fibre in this segment and has exceptional durability and stain resistance property. And as it can resist stains, Triexta does not require an added stain treatment. This makes the carpet surface softer and beautiful. However, it does not respond well to heavy traffic.

Choose from the wide selection of flooring and have it installed by our professionals today!

Call Us Anytime

We understand you have a busy schedule and cannot come to meet us. But, we can come and meet you! Give us a call and we will send our representative to your house for a free consultation. The expert will evaluate your house and your needs. Accordingly, he/she will suggest the best carpet flooring options for you and provide solutions in case you already have carpet floors. You can rely on our experts advise because our representatives have years of experience and vast knowledge of carpets. They have worked with renowned carpet manufacturers, reputed end of lease cleaners, and budget interstate removalists in Melbourne. Therefore, they know how carpets are made, maintained, and handled. They can offer customised flooring solutions for your current or new house.

To receive a free consultation, book an appointment and select the best time for visitation.

Carpet Tiles

At our showroom we also have a wide range of carpet tiles, in addition to quality carpets in Melbourne. They can be the perfect solution for large office spaces and can be quickly replaced individually as required. Many home owners choose this option as alternative flooring as they can be more cost effective and practical.


We stock a wide range of Ultragard carpet tiles. Ultragard is recognised for their superior performance in commercial installations and delivers value for money. This flooring is incredibly durable, stain resistant and will stay cleaner 2-3 times longer than ordinary carpet.


We also stock a variety of carpet tiles from Intelli. Intelli's flooring has been designed with intelligent features to increase the lifecycle and savings of the product. This flooring is creative in design, extremely soft and stain resistant.

Our Professional And Reliable Carpet Services

We are your go-to place in Melbourne for high-quality and beautiful carpets and carpet tiles. Whether you want to install carpet tiles to make your office look visually appealing or looking for a polyester floor covering for your home, our experts can help you meet your specific needs at the best price. We take pride in providing you with unbiased advice to help you get the most suitable flooring that can enhance the look and feel of your property. Our certified team values artistry while choosing a rug or carpet for you because bringing a smile on your face is our topmost priority. You can hire our professional service and renovate your home and office by installing high-quality carpets. We will assist you throughout the process- from choosing the right product for you to the measurement of flooring to the fitting of carpets.

Our professional service includes:

  • Unbiased carpet advice
  • Quality products
  • Best possible prices
  • Timely delivery
  • Installation

You'll love our attention to detail and genuine service. Visit our showroom today and learn more about the highest quality carpets in Melbourne.

More about our company

Efergy is one of the leading flooring companies in Melbourne. Our family owned business has supplied countless customers with quality flooring in Melbourne homes since 1992. Our store is the one location to find all of your flooring requirements. Whether you require timber flooring, carpets or vinyl flooring, our staff will offer you advice so you can make an informed decision.

We are a family owned and operated business and strive to deliver this approach in all that we do. We stock and install the highest quality flooring Melbourne has to offer and do so with professionalism and care.

Each product purchased has a manufacture's warranty and is guaranteed by our company. If you're looking to renovate or upgrade your home or office, look no further than our company.

To learn more about the genuine carpets Melbourne trusts, visit us or submit an enquiry form today.

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